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Year 5, clockwise around the Aegean

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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Jun 2016
Sun 12 Jun 20:13 Motor N to Yithion. Moor up for hire car trip to Kalamata 36:45.50N 22:34.20E
Thu 09 Jun 19:51 Good sail W to Kotranas on Mani 36:37.10N 22:29.74E
Wed 08 Jun 19:49 Visit pretty Elafonisos town. More wind than forecast so stay two nights 36:28.65N 22:59.09E
Mon 06 Jun 19:43 S then E around bottom of lowlying Nisos Elafonisos to anchor in Ormos Levki 36:28.65N 22:59.09E
Sun 05 Jun 13:59 Motorsail E to attractive Elaia, beat S to rundown Plitra 36:41.14N 22:50.22E
Sat 04 Jun 13:55 Escape town to isolated nearby ancient anchorage 36:47.67N 22:36.56E
Fri 03 Jun 13:51 To busy port of Yithion 36:45.53N 22:34.20E
Thu 02 Jun 13:49 Short hop N to Skoutari 36:39.93N 22:30.47E
Wed 01 Jun 13:30 Motor N up E coast of Mani to pleasant Kotronas 36:36.80N 22:29.40E
May 2016
Tue 31 May 13:26 South, visit Yerolimena, around Cape Matapan and back up to sheltered Porto Kayio 36:25.78N 22:29.16E
Mon 30 May 09:14 South down Mani to Diros caves and on to Mezapo 36:32.56N 22:23.37E
Sun 29 May 09:07 Motor down Mani to Limeni 36:41.77N 22:22.86E
Sat 28 May 09:01 Fly back to Kalamata, stock up, wash and go - to Kitries 36:55.78N 22:08.45E
Sun 08 May 19:37 Scenic walk up escarpment. N to likeable Kitries 36:55.78N 22:08.45E
Sat 07 May 19:31 Rain gone away - S to trendy Kardahmila 36:52.97N 22:13.96E
Thu 05 May 05:17 Anticlockwise around N Mani by hire car - STUNNING !! 37:01.41N 22:06.37E
Wed 04 May 04:56 Crew depart, wet days exploring town. Hire car to see Ancient Messini 37:01.41N 22:06.37E
Mon 02 May 05:56 Cool motor to pretty Kitries on Mani, lively sail to Kalamata 37:01.41N 22:06.37E
Sun 01 May 05:48 E around Ag Akritas (S headland on Peloponnese W finger) toKoroni 36:47.80N 21:57.40E
Apr 2016
Sat 30 Apr 05:38 Big treck ashore, Pilos for boat handling practice and water, Methoni for R & R 36:48.96N 21:42.52E
Sat 30 Apr 05:27 Treck around stunning Palaio Castro to Nestor`s cave and beautiful Ormos Voidhokoilia 36:56.88N 21:42.07E
Fri 29 Apr 05:04 Back to Navarinou bay for shelter 36:56.88N 21:42.07E
Thu 28 Apr 04:57 Explore Fort. Fetch E to Finakounda 36:48.35N 21:48.53E
Wed 27 Apr 04:49 Demo basic sail handling in bay. S to stunning Methoni 36:48.92N 21:42.47E
Tue 26 Apr 04:41 Uncomfortable morning as f6 arrives. Stay put Pilos as guests arrive too. 36:55.13N 21:42.00E
Mon 25 Apr 12:55 Motor into swell, then turn to port, all sails fetch along pretty coast to stylish Pilos 36:55.13N 21:42.00E
Sun 24 Apr 12:48 To Kiparissia, on mainland Peloponnese, then tidy up day 37:15.45N 21:39.95E
Fri 22 Apr 12:43 Explore Zakinthos fortress 37:47.00N 20:54.00E
Thu 21 Apr 12:39 Tail wind to Sami, frisky sail to Zante 37:47.00N 20:54.00E
Tue 19 Apr 12:31 Quiet Fiskardho 38:37.40N 20:41.10E
Mon 18 Apr 12:15 Lazy day visit majestic Agio Fili beach, move on to Sivota 38:37.40N 20:41.10E
Sat 16 Apr 05:23 Uptop Spartochori; motor to Vas 38:37.60N 20:36.38E
Fri 15 Apr 05:16 Set sail, to Lefkas and on to Babbi`s 38:39.75N 20:45.00E
Tue 12 Apr 05:10 Launch and motor across to Preveza Town Marina 38:58.00N 20:45.40E
Sat 09 Apr 05:05 Back to Preveza, prepare to launch 38:57.00N 20:45.00E
Jul 2015
Sat 25 Jul 16:21 Final drinks party on board. Dragonfly SOLD 50:40.90N 3:27.95W
Wed 22 Jul 16:15 Last sail/motor to Topsham, R Exe Back home! 50:40.90N 3:27.95W
Tue 21 Jul 16:12 Sun`s out. Great cross channel reach to Dartmouth 50:20.90N 3:34.35W
Mon 20 Jul 16:09 Sail thro narrow passage, quick playsail and in to Roscoff Marina 48:43.00N 3:58.00W
Sun 19 Jul 15:35 Motor to Ile de Batz 48:44.20N 4:00.30W
Sat 18 Jul 15:30 Shoot Raz and Four in a tide to L`Aberwrach 48:36.00N 4:33.60W
Fri 17 Jul 15:27 Wet motorsail to Audierne 48:01.40N 4:32.25W
Thu 16 Jul 14:51 Head for Glenans, divert to Port Manech 47:48.10N 3:44.30W
Wed 15 Jul 14:49 To Port Tudy, just off Lorient, and fog 47:38.65N 3:26.75W
Tue 14 Jul 14:48 Start heading W to pretty Sauzon 47:22.53N 3:13.05W
Mon 13 Jul 14:45 Set off NW, end up anchored off Ile Houat 47:23.00N 2:57.00W
Sun 12 Jul 15:04 Long motor NW to Ile d`Yeu 46:43.30N 2:20.45W
Sat 11 Jul 14:42 Across to Bourgenay on mainland 46:26.42N 1:40.75W
Fri 10 Jul 14:40 Short hop to Ars en Re 46:13.00N 1:30.40W
Thu 09 Jul 14:36 Long slog N to anchor S Ile de Re 46:09.00N 1:15.50W
Tue 07 Jul 12:36 Sail downriver to Port Medoc 45:35.50N 1:03.80W
Mon 06 Jul 12:33 Paulliac for rematage, washdown, sails up - ready for sea 45:11.90N 0:44.60W
Sun 05 Jul 12:11 Girls to market. Down estuary to Paulliac on ebb 45:11.90N 0:44.60W
Sat 04 Jul 12:07 Struggle thro weed to lock out, fast passage downstream to Bordeaux 44:50.40N 0:33.80W
Fri 03 Jul 12:00 Hot and weedy. Last night in canal at Meilhan Halte 44:31.17N 0:02.00E
Thu 02 Jul 11:56 Delays due to canal leak! Moor up just short of Buzet 44:15.00N 0:18.00E
Wed 01 Jul 11:51 V V hot day to Agen 44:12.60N 0:37.60E
Jun 2015
Tue 30 Jun 11:47 To pretty Moissac V hot! 44:06.00N 1:05.30E
Mon 29 Jun 16:58 Heatwave and chaotic crewchange at Toulouse 43:52.00N 1:16.50E
Sun 28 Jun 16:56 Summit at 194m, still short of Toulouse 43:26.00N 1:39.40E
Sat 27 Jun 16:47 Hairy day racing along to Castelnaudary 43:19.00N 1:57.10E
Fri 26 Jun 16:47 Still going up, to Carcassonne 43:13.00N 2:21.00E
Thu 25 Jun 16:46 Breakfast at Capestang, under lowest bridge, supper at Homps 43:16.10N 2:43.10E
Wed 24 Jun 16:46 Enter canal du Midi, up Bezier staircase, moor on bank 43:18.00N 3:04.40E
Tue 23 Jun 12:45 Mast down, evening passage thro 4 bridges and W along Etang du Thau to anchor just off canal entrance 43:20.00N 3:32.50E
Mon 22 Jun 12:34 To Sete for dematage 43:23.75N 3:41.90E
Sun 21 Jun 12:32 Escape Port St Louis - good progress to Palavas-les-Flots (Montpellier) 43:31.50N 3:56.30E
Mon 15 Jun 12:30 Fly to Beziers, taxi to Port St Louis, launch Dragonfly, wash off grime, wait for Mistral to blow through 43:23.20N 4:48.40E
Oct 2014
Fri 17 Oct 07:54 Pack up,to Nice and Lympstone
Wed 15 Oct 07:52 Short motor W in brilliant sun to Navy Service for winter layup 43:23.20N 4:50.20E
Tue 14 Oct 07:48 Great sail for penultimate leg W to Sausset-les-Pins 43:19.60N 5:06.50E
Mon 13 Oct 15:16 East, then South, then West to Porquerolls, on biggest of Isles d`Hyeres 43:00.50N 6:11.80E
Sun 12 Oct 15:12 Wind on its way, so short hop W to St Tropez 43:16.40N 6:38.00E
Sat 11 Oct 15:10 Head W to St Raphael, meeting Adam and Georgi on the way 43:17.50N 6:50.00E
Fri 10 Oct 15:07 Long tiring leg WNW to Port de Cap D`Ail, immediately W of Monaco 43:43.50N 7:25.00E
Thu 09 Oct 15:05 Chill out day on Corsica waiting for Sirocco to ease 42:57.50N 9:27.40E
Wed 08 Oct 21:15 Depart 0230 for frisky sail to excellent marina at Machinaggio on NE corner of Corsica 42:57.50N 9:27.40E
Tue 07 Oct 15:00 Further offshore to Elba 42:44.60N 10:14.40E
Mon 06 Oct 14:54 Leave Italian mainland for island of Giglio, where the Costa Concordia foundered 42:21.60N 10:55.30E
Sun 05 Oct 14:47 False start for ruins. Fouled prop. To Santa Marinella to escape the sprawl 42:02.10N 11:52.50E
Sat 04 Oct 14:40 Motor North to huge Porta di Roma marina. Need shade from sun! 41:44.10N 12:14.90E
Fri 03 Oct 21:08 North to modern and full marina at Circio 41:13.50N 13:05.90E
Thu 02 Oct 14:33 : Explore Amalfi then North to anchor off Isola Procida, just beyond Naples 40:45.60N 14:01.80E
Wed 01 Oct 14:21 Long leg North to stunning Amalfi 40:38.00N 14:36.00E
Sep 2014
Tue 30 Sep 14:16 More mountains on way to pretty Scario 40:03.07N 15:29.36E
Mon 29 Sep 14:11 Start heading North along pretty mountainous W coast to Cetraro 39:31.34N 15:55.01E
Sun 28 Sep 20:08 Jamie flys home. Skip and Jane have lazy day. Wonderful weather. 38:41.00N 15:54.30E
Sat 27 Sep 19:39 Slog up through Massina Straits and on to pretty Tropea 38:41.00N 15:54.30E
Sat 27 Sep 08:06 Good sail around the toe to grubby Reggio di Calabria 38:07.40N 15:39.05E
Thu 25 Sep 08:06 Bumpy crossing to Rocella Ionica, on the ball of Italy`s foot 38:19.50N 16:26.00E
Mon 22 Sep 09:02 Preveza - Liveloula lifted out; Dragonfly launched 38:56.96N 20:45.79E
Sun 21 Sep 15:15 Jenny leaves us; we head to Preveza for winter liftout 38:57.00N 20:45.80E
Sat 20 Sep 15:12 LSC boats gather in Fiskardho 38:28.00N 20:34.50E
Fri 19 Sep 15:08 Beat south then SW to Frikes on Ithaka 38:28.00N 20:40.00E
Thu 18 Sep 15:05 Anchor in inlet on Meganisi, and discover Katomeri 38:40.00N 20:47.50E
Wed 17 Sep 14:57 To Kastos, via One House Bay 38:33.50N 20:55.00E
Tue 16 Sep 14:51 Night in Pera Pigadhi bay 38:19.50N 20:44.50E
Mon 15 Sep 14:43 To Sami for drop off, and to replenish beer stores 38:15.00N 20:38.00E
Sun 14 Sep 15:37 Family reunion at Vasiliki. Devon reunion Foki Bay 38:27.13N 20:34.67E
Fri 12 Sep 15:29 Thunderstorm on Kalamos. No Penelope at Frikes. 38:27.60N 20:39.82E
Wed 10 Sep 11:15 Passage to prertty Kastos, via OHB. Meet up with Astra again. 38:34.13N 20:54.67E
Tue 09 Sep 10:47 To sami to pick up Jane and John. Out to anchor at Peri Pigadhi, S Ithaka 38:19.76N 20:44.60E
Sun 07 Sep 10:43 Meet up with Rach and drop off Julie at Vas; To Fokki Bay and rendezvous with Bootlegger and Astra 38:27.13N 20:34.67E
Fri 05 Sep 07:45 Motor NE a mile to small cove for swim/breakfast. Good sail N to Sivota 38:37.40N 20:41.00E
Thu 04 Sep 06:55 To One House Bay for swim. Sit out heavy showers. On to Frikes on Ithaka 38:27.60N 20:39.81E
Wed 03 Sep 06:51 More views of Kastos
Wed 03 Sep 06:49 Good sail S to pretty Kastos 38:34.09N 20:54.75E
Tue 02 Sep 15:14 Bit of sun, loads of torrential rain. No sign of noisy Midnight Sun moving, so motor 2nm East to secluded bay for peaceful night 38:40.06N 20:47.90E
Mon 01 Sep 05:36 Gantry fitted, shopping done, watered up - lets get going S to Spartakhori before forecast storm arrives 38:39.66N 20:45.79E
Aug 2014
Sun 31 Aug 20:17 South to Levkas for LSC reunion and gantry man, via luvly night at Two Rock Bay 38:50.02N 20:42.65E
Fri 29 Aug 09:50 Leave Corfu for this year and head South to Lakka and await delivery of Julie 39:14.00N 20:08.50E
Wed 27 Aug 13:34 Pit stop at Gouvia to drop Angela, laundry and boat things, then head out to Corfu Old Fort anchorage 39:46.00N 19:56.90E
Mon 25 Aug 13:17 just a couple of miles to Ay Stefanos 39:46.00N 19:56.90E
Sun 24 Aug 13:12 Motor Eastwards along N coast of Corfu 39:46.80N 19:57.00E
Sat 23 Aug 14:27 Island of Mathraki, and down W coast of Corfu to wonderful cove Timoni 39:43.00N 19:39.40E
Thu 21 Aug 14:19 Erikoussa and Othoni, Islands NW of Corfu 39:50.50N 19:24.70E
Tue 19 Aug 14:15 Astra ahoy, Angela arrives and Jane`s birthday 39:44.25N 19:55.90E
Sun 17 Aug 14:10 Back on Liveloula. Dash to Preveza to tidy Dragonfly 39:38.83N 19:51.10E
Jul 2014
Mon 21 Jul 14:01 Moor up Gouvia Marina, and home for three weeks 39:38.83N 19:51.10E
Sun 20 Jul 07:53 Lazy day at Petriti. Next day short motor N in flat calm to anchor in lee of Corfu (Kerkira) Old Fort 39:37.23N 19:55.60E
Sat 19 Jul 10:27 Repost of last photo
Fri 18 Jul 10:23 Explore nearby anchorages; swim/lunch stop; forecast wind doesn`t arrive so motor most way to Petriti on E coast of Corfu (Kerkira). 39:27.20N 20:00.18E
Thu 17 Jul 09:21 Gentle sail NNW to mainland village of Sivota (Mourtos) 39:24.30N 20:14.00E
Wed 16 Jul 20:36 Motor then sail, slowly, N up spectacular W coast of Paxos to Lacca 39:14.22N 20:07.98E
Tue 15 Jul 19:08 North from Preveza to Islands of AntiPaxos, then Paxos 39:10.80N 20:12.30E
Sun 13 Jul 21:17 Chance meeting Breary family, ferry service to Vassaliki, another LSC gathering, tidy up D`fly, fond farewells to Bootlegger, where`s the Brompton 38:57.00N 20:46.00E
Tue 08 Jul 10:07 To Pera Pigadhi on SE corner of Ithaki, and an interesting night 38:19.74N 20:44.62E
Sun 06 Jul 04:25 Taxiing Rachel and Alice to Sami, Chris Coombers birthday meet, and pottering on E coast of Ithaki 38:22.00N 20:44.00E
Jun 2014
Fri 27 Jun 14:49 Foki Bay and Fiskardho for frank`s 70 38:27.70N 20:34.80E
Thu 26 Jun 14:37 Poli Bay for the night 38:26.50N 20:38.50E
Sun 22 Jun 14:30 Boat swap. Dragonfly stored ashore for 3 months, Vigdis bought and launched 38:57.00N 20:46.00E
Wed 18 Jun 05:40 Good sail N, thro Levkas canal to Preveza, to meet surveyor 38:57.00N 20:45.80E
Tue 17 Jun 05:37 Nice sail W to deep water bay and high up village of Spartakhori on Meganisi 38:40.00N 20:45.60E
Sun 15 Jun 05:31 Hardly a hop to neighbouring Kalamos, and mountain expedition 38:37.40N 20:56.00E
Sat 14 Jun 10:29 Green picture resent
Sat 14 Jun 10:25 Day exploring Kastos 38:34.10N 20:41.00E
Fri 13 Jun 07:13 To Sivota for engine check, then fast sail to lovely Kastos 38:34.10N 20:41.00E
Thu 12 Jun 07:08 Short hop W to visit "twee" port Kioni, on NE coast of Ithaka 38:27.00N 20:45.50E
Wed 11 Jun 07:05 Motor S to anchor in One House Bay, Atoko, for afternoon and night 38:28.50N 20:49.30E
Tue 10 Jun 05:25 Lazy beach morning. Short passage E to Sivota and engineer Simon 38:37.30N 20:41.00E
Sat 07 Jun 04:42 To Vasaliki. Day trip with girls and mighty thunderstorm 38:37.60N 20:36.40E
Fri 06 Jun 04:34 Test sail 38:37.10N 20:41.20E
Thu 05 Jun 04:50 Further S to landlocked bay of Sivota to meet up with Vigdis for test sail on Friday 38:37.10N 20:41.20E
Wed 04 Jun 21:25 Further S to Little Vathi, and a day off from boatshopping 38:39.80N 20:47.10E
Tue 03 Jun 21:02 More boatshopping - Sunsail Beneteaus at Preveza and S thro Lefkas canal to their holiday complex at Vounaki 38:46.30N 20:52.70E
Sun 01 Jun 11:15 Chilly motor N to Levkas Town. Spot many palefaces. 38:49.90N 20:42.70E
Sun 01 Jun 04:14 Hasty departure, nice sail N to Cleopatra Marina, Preveza, boat shopping, boat repairs, and bad weather 38:57.00N 20:45.70E
May 2014
Sat 31 May 11:14 Less cloud today. Sail on to Nidri to commence boat shopping 38:42.10N 20:42.80E
Fri 30 May 11:13 Low clouds as sail a few miles E to pretty inlet of Sivota 38:37.40N 20:41.00E
Wed 28 May 10:38 Skip's big 60 38:37.60N 20:36.40E
Tue 27 May 05:48 Great sail N to Vasiliki to meet Rachel 38:37.60N 20:36.40E
Mon 26 May 16:02 SWIM and across to Frikes on Ithaki 38:27.60N 20:39.80E
Sun 25 May 05:36 Morning walk to cove; afternoon motor and sailto One House Bay (reposted) 38:28.50N 20:49.30E
Fri 23 May 17:28 Long motor W out of Gulf to Vathi on Ithaki, and v windy arrival 38:22.40N 20:42.90E
Thu 22 May 17:22 Good progress W under motorto familiar Messolonghi; hail Bootlegger and resting dragonfly on route 38:21.70N 21:25.50E
Wed 21 May 17:18 Time to leave Galaxhidi; head W to Trezonia and farewell to Bridget and Job 38:22.20N 22:04.50E
Tue 20 May 16:43 Last day at Galaxhidi. Maritime museum and haircut! 38:22.60N 22:23.20E
Sat 17 May 16:39 Still at Galaxhidi. Bye to Sally, hello to Bridget and Job and bikes. Spectacular drive inland with stunning mountain views 38:22.60N 22:23.20E
Thu 15 May 16:33 Visit Delphi by bus. Mindblowing! 38:22.60N 22:23.15E
Wed 14 May 16:23 Dash to pretty Galaxhidi in lull before more winds fill in 38:22.60N 22:23.20E
Mon 12 May 04:45 Great sail further E to island of Trizonia 38:22.20N 22:04.50E
Sun 11 May 04:39 Head E to spectacular medieval harbour of Navpaktos 38:23.60N 21:49.70E
Sat 10 May 06:24 Enjoying marina life - Sally arrives 38:21.60N 21:25.10E
Fri 02 May 06:15 Hard work and launch 38:21.60N 21:25.10E
Apr 2014
Mon 14 Apr 05:57 Back to Messolonghi for 2014 ventures 38:21.60N 21:25.10E
Oct 2013
Sun 20 Oct 06:02 Batten down, bus to Preveza, taxi to Aktion airport, and home to wet and stormy Lympstone - and a good evening at The Globe
Sat 19 Oct 05:53 Second week at Messolonghi 38:21.70N 21:24.90E
Mon 14 Oct 04:36 Interesting marina life, Messolonghi 38:21.60N 21:25.00E
Wed 09 Oct 05:41 Long hop to Messolonghi for winter layup 38:21.60N 21:25.00E
Tue 08 Oct 05:35 Five miles south to smaller island of Kastos 38:34.10N 20:54.70E
Mon 07 Oct 05:12 Just 3 miles South to Port Kalamos 38:37.30N 20:55.90E
Sun 06 Oct 17:15 Due East 8 miles to uninspiring Mitikas, on mainland 38:40.10N 20:56.90E
Sat 05 Oct 17:10 Four miles (atcf) to popular and scenic Vathi, on Nisos Meganisi 38:39.80N 20:47.10E
Fri 04 Oct 17:04 S along East scenic coast of Levkas to Tranquil Bay, just off Nidri 38:42.10N 20:42.80E
Wed 02 Oct 06:32 South to Levkas, and marina showers 38:50.00N 20:42.70E
Tue 01 Oct 06:26 Gotta head south for winter - motor as far as Two Rock Bay, on mainland 7nw SE of Parga. Hit the 5000nm! 39:13.00N 20:29.10E
Sep 2013
Mon 30 Sep 06:23 Leave Parga , head north to Platarias (also on mainland) - and a few thunderstorms 39:27.10N 20:16.50E
Sun 29 Sep 04:17 Early departure. Gentle sail to Mourtos, on mainland 39:24.00N 20:13.70E
Sat 28 Sep 04:01 Laden duck takes all ashore, Parga. Bye bye Duncan - sail where we can, so it's back to Gaios, Nisos Paxoi 39:11.90N 20:11.80E
Fri 27 Sep 03:58 Final visit (for 2013) to Emerald Bay; cracking sail 11nm NE across to Parga on mainland 39:17.00N 20:23.50E
Thu 26 Sep 10:46 Motor down E coast of Paxoi, stopping at Longos, for night at Mongonisi (on S tip of Island) and evening walk to Gaios for meal 39:11.30N 20:12.40E
Tue 24 Sep 10:43 Bye bye Nisos Kerkira (Corfu), S 20nm to Lakka on N tip of Paxoi, the next island down 39:14.20N 20:08.00E
Mon 23 Sep 10:38 20 miles South along E coast of Corfu Island to Patriti, just 8 miles from S tip. 39:27.20N 20:00.20E
Sun 22 Sep 06:00 N from Corfu to Ay Stefanos, lovely bay on NE of island, 1nm from Albanian coast 39:46.00N 19:57.00E
Sat 21 Sep 05:57 Last leg for Jules, Petriti to Corfu. Duncan arrives 39:37.30N 19:55.60E
Fri 20 Sep 05:54 Mongonisi to Petriti fishing village on Island of Corfu, via scenic E coast of Paxos
Thu 19 Sep 05:50 Ligia to Mongonisi (S tip of Nisos Paxoi) via Emerald Bay
Wed 18 Sep 05:48 Levkas to Ligia on mainland. Lots of wind.
Tue 17 Sep 05:44 From Kalamos N to Levkas Town, via Spartakhori (on Meganisi) and Skorpios
Sun 15 Sep 14:26 Motorsail to Fiskardho, then lovely sail downwind to Nisos Kalamos, just off mainland
Sat 14 Sep 09:46 Rain! Back to Sami to meet Mark and Helen on big Bav. Guests arrive next day.
Thu 12 Sep 09:36 Girls get early bus. We have a day to spare - head N 4 miles to village of Agia Efima
Wed 11 Sep 19:31 Last day for girls. Good sail S to Sami (still on Cephalonia E coast), for bus to airport tomorrow
Tue 10 Sep 19:22 Rendezvous with Halcyon (Chris Coomber) and on to Fiskardho, pretty village on NE tip of Cephalonia
Mon 09 Sep 19:15 To Sivota, landlocked bay at E end of Levkas' short S coast
Sun 08 Sep 05:09 Many miles South thro Levas Canal and on to Island of Meganisi
Sat 07 Sep 09:48 A few miles S to lovely Emerald Bay on Andipaxoi
Fri 06 Sep 06:51 Pottering along E coast Paxoi, pick up Cat and to Mongonisi
Thu 05 Sep 06:48 thro Levkas canal and 30 nm NW to our favourite Emerald Bay on NW corner of Andipaxoi
Wed 04 Sep 05:30 Long day heading N to Nikiana as Rachel's friend Cat arrives Corfu on Fri
Mon 02 Sep 05:21 and a few miles further West to Sami, on Cephalonia
Sun 01 Sep 05:16 Head West to Ithaca and anchor in bay on SE tip, Ormos Pera Pigadhi
Aug 2013
Fri 30 Aug 14:06 Early start and frisky sail to Messolongi, on N side of Gulf of Patras. Dolphins!
Thu 29 Aug 14:00 South thro Levkas canal, quick stop at Levkas marina, and on to Kastos
Wed 28 Aug 13:57 Haulout to replace anode, engine problems, then across strait to Preveza Town quay
Tue 27 Aug 04:18 to Preveza to replace anode, and look at one poss stopover for winter
Mon 26 Aug 04:16 Heading South to look at locations to leave Dragonfly for winter
Sat 24 Aug 20:16 Farewell to Angela, South 1.5 miles to Mongonisi
Fri 23 Aug 20:14 Back to Gaios to drop off Angela
Thu 22 Aug 20:12 Potter S down E coast of Paxoi, calling in at Longos, Gaios, and sail on to Andipaxoi
Wed 21 Aug 20:11 Wonderful sail to Lakka, inlet on N tip of Nisos Paxoi
Tue 20 Aug 20:08 S to Patriti, quiet fishing village with a bit of tourism
Mon 19 Aug 20:04 S to Corfu Town for chandlery and to pick up Angela
Sun 18 Aug 20:02 Explore adjacent bays
Sat 17 Aug 19:59 Just back from visit to UK 39:44.10N 19:55.80E
Jul 2013
Fri 26 Jul 05:56 Electrical problem resolved. Cleaning and sight seeing,( see best "car clamping" ever!) then fly back to UK 39:39.00N 19:51.20E
Tue 23 Jul 16:59 Staight to Gouvia Marina, just N of Corfu town, ready for brief visit to UK 39:39.00N 19:51.20E
Mon 22 Jul 16:57 Ed and Rosemary leave; long haul N to return to Patriti on Nisos Kerkira (Corfu) 39:27.10N 20:00.20E
Sun 21 Jul 16:53 To Parga (on mainland) via Andipaxoi 39:17.00N 20:23.50E
Sat 20 Jul 19:25 Further S on Paxos to another large inlet, Mongonisi 39:11.00N 20:12.30E
Fri 19 Jul 19:12 To Paxos, island 7 miles south of Corfu 39:14.30N 20:08.00E
Thu 18 Jul 05:49 to Petriti, small fishing port and bay 10 miles S of Corfu town 39:27.20N 20:00.30E
Wed 17 Jul 05:35 To Gouvia Marina to pick up Ed 39:39.00N 19:51.20E
Wed 17 Jul 04:29 Correction 39:46.10N 19:57.10E
Tue 16 Jul 19:25 Final hop to Kerkira (Corfu) 39:46.00N 19:57.00E
Mon 15 Jul 19:17 To Erikoussa, another quiet island just off NE corner of Corfu 39:52.80N 19:34.90E
Sat 13 Jul 20:19 Fast sail from Italy to Greece. Made it! 39:50.50N 19:24.10E
Fri 12 Jul 20:04 Across Golfo di Taranto to Santa Maria di Leuca, right on bottom of stiletto, for last stop in Italy 39:47.70N 18:21.30E
Thu 11 Jul 19:28 To Crotone; ready for long leg to tip of heel 39:04.70N 17:08.30E
Wed 10 Jul 20:10 Further along the ball to Le Castella, a bit short of Crotone 38:54.70N 17:01.60E
Tue 09 Jul 20:06 Along the ball of Italy's foot (part 1) 38:19.60N 16:26.00E
Mon 08 Jul 08:08 2miles to George's buoys, Taormina bay, and pickup Rosemary 37:50.30N 15:17.50E
Sun 07 Jul 08:05 Laundry, victuals and to Taormina (nearly) 37:51.30N 15:18.20E
Sat 06 Jul 05:44 Leave Islands for Strait of Messina 38:12.00N 15:33.50E
Fri 05 Jul 04:53 Try another island, Panarea 38:38.30N 15:04.90E
Wed 03 Jul 21:57 North a few miles to Isola Salina, and up the highest of twin volcanic cones 38:33.20N 14:52.20E
Jun 2013
Sun 30 Jun 21:51 Long hop to Isola Volcano, one of the volcanic Aeolian Islands just off N coast of Sicily, and farewell to Jan 38:25.00N 14:57.70E
Sat 29 Jun 22:37 South from Capri just off mainland to Acciaroli 40:10.60N 15:01.50E
Fri 28 Jun 22:24 Across the bay of Naples to Capri 40:33.50N 14:14.60E
Thu 27 Jun 21:39 Further south to Isola di Procidia, near Naples 40:46.00N 14:02.00E
Wed 26 Jun 21:35 Long perfect sail across the Tyrrenian Sea from Olbia to Ponza, island off Italian mainland 40:53.90N 12:57.70E
Mon 24 Jun 21:31 Marina di Portisco to Olbia, and lay day whilst gale blows thro 40:55.30N 9:30.50E
Sun 23 Jun 20:09 Heading south down Costa Smeralda, NE Sardinia, to expensive marina 41:02.01N 9:31.50E
Sat 22 Jun 20:02 Across the Strait (Bocche) of Bonifacio to Isola Budelli, Sardinia (Italy!) 41:17.00N 9:21.50E
Wed 19 Jun 17:40 Campomoro to stunning clanque Bonifacio, on SW corner of Corse 41:23.80N 9:09.90E
Tue 18 Jun 15:34 Heading south down W coast of Corsica from Sagone to anchor in bay off Campomoro 41:38.10N 8:48.70E
Mon 17 Jun 15:31 Girolata to Cargese for franchise, and anchor off Sargone for night - first swim in warm sea 42:06.70N 8:41.70E
Sun 16 Jun 15:27 to Calvi for shopping, on to red coast and Girolata 42:21.00N 8:36.90E
Sat 15 Jun 15:16 Danuta arrives St Florent; anchor in bay on way to Calvi 42:39.80N 9:03.50E
Fri 14 Jun 10:04 St Tropez to Saint Florent, Corsica 42:40.80N 9:18.00E
Thu 13 Jun 10:02 Ile de Port-Cros to St Tropez, yes THE St Tropez! 43:16.90N 6:37.90E
Wed 12 Jun 09:58 Cassis to Iles d`Hyeres 43:01.50N 6:24.80E
Mon 10 Jun 14:40 Port Gardian to Cassis, getting to Cote d`Azur 43:12.90N 5:32.10E
Sun 09 Jun 14:37 Cap d'Adge to Port Gardian, du Camargue 43:27.00N 4:25.30E
Sat 08 Jun 05:06 Grau d`Adge to Cap D`Adge marina, all of 3 miles along the coast! 43:17.00N 3:30.70E
Fri 07 Jun 14:33 Vias to Grau d`Agde, back to salt water, Jan arrives and mast stepped 43:17.00N 3:26.70E
Thu 06 Jun 05:04 Villeneuve-les-Beziers to Vias, last night on canal 43:18.10N 3:25.20E
Wed 05 Jun 15:48 Capestang to Villeneuve les Bezier , as we didn't like the look of the town quay at Bezier 43:19.00N 3:17.10E
Tue 04 Jun 15:42 Homps to Capestang, and "the bridge" - another gem of a destination 43:19.90N 3:02.50E
Mon 03 Jun 15:38 Carcassonne to Homps 43:16.10N 2:43.10E
Sun 02 Jun 15:24 Bram to Carcasson (Disneyland?) 43:13.00N 2:21.00E
Sat 01 Jun 08:13 Castlenaudry to Bram 43:15.30N 2:07.70E
May 2013
Fri 31 May 08:09 Port Lauragais to Castlenaudry, and party time 43:19.00N 1:57.10E
Thu 30 May 08:00 Toulouse to Port Lauragais (small marina combined with motorway service station!) 43:21.20N 1:48.10E
Tue 28 May 07:57 To the pink city, toulouse 43:35.70N 1:27.30E
Mon 27 May 06:23 Sunny WARM day, tie upon wharf near village (Dieupentale), behind a Con Brio 43:52.00N 1:16.50E
Sun 26 May 06:11 Fuel, market and just the two of us again - to Moissac 44:06.00N 1:05.30E
Sat 25 May 21:33 to Agen for laundry and a bath 44:12.60N 0:37.60E
Fri 24 May 21:29 Lock in and to Les Mas D`Agenais 44:24.60N 0:13.30E
Thu 23 May 17:31 Another 36 miles upriver to lock in 44:33.80N 0:09.80W
Wed 22 May 17:24 Mast lashed on; to Bordeaux and beyond. 44:46.00N 0:33.00W
Sun 19 May 05:31 Up to Pauillac for dismasting 45:11.90N 0:44.60W
Sat 18 May 05:28 Move across the estuary to Port Medoc 45:33.50N 1:03.80W
Fri 17 May 05:33 Dash to Royan, et La Gironde 45:37.20N 1:01.60W
Thu 16 May 05:23 With Astra to La Rochelle (Minimes) via Ile D`Aix 46:12.35N 1:22.00W
Tue 14 May 05:19 St Martin for John's birthday 46:12.35N 1:22.00W
Sat 11 May 17:47 And to Ars to pickup new boat guests, greet Astra and a few days R & R 46:13.00N 1:30.40W
Wed 08 May 10:18 Just the two of us - on to Ile d`Yeu 46:43.30N 2:20.40W
Tue 07 May 20:35 Le Croisic for a Plat du Jour 47:17.35N 2:30.27W
Mon 06 May 20:34 Motoring East to Port Tudy - JL lives on! 47:38.60N 3:27.00W
Sun 05 May 20:33 `round the end in a day 48:00.50N 4:33.20W
Sat 04 May 21:39 Bumpy ride to L`Aberwrach - quicker to walk? 48:36.00N 4:33.60W
Fri 03 May 21:27 Heading west to Roscoff 48:43.00N 3:58.00W
Wed 01 May 22:50 Cross Channel 49:27.30N 2:32.00W
Apr 2013
Tue 30 Apr 19:37 We're off 50:20.90N 3:34.35W
Sun 28 Apr 20:52 Fitting out and clearing out 50:37.00N 3:25.40W