Girls get early bus. We have a day to spare - head N 4 miles to village of Agia Efima

chrisandjane aboard Liveloula
Chris Cooke
Thu 12 Sep 2013 09:36

38:18.2N 20:36.0E
12 September Girls get 0800 bus to Argostoli, tidy boat, water up and try Agia Efima, as not been there (by boat) before
Depart Sami 1110
Arrive Agia Efima 1230 4nm
A very hot day Ef2/3
Girls get the 0800 bus, which turns out to be a new posh coach. 4euros to Argostoli, the capital of Cephalonia. They can have a quick look round and will taxi to the airport which is quite a few k away. Rach taking a D`fly sleeping bag back, as shouldn’t be needed now.  Good luck with Ryanair flight! Tidy boat and water up. Tank was v nearly empty – not bad as has lasted over a week with 3 then 4 on board. Economic black bag showers, refills using Evian bottles whenever available ashore has paid off. Occasional use of water from bladder under forecabin berth too, but that smells a bit rubbery. Has been OK for topping up black bag. Bit of disaster in heads. The plastic spray holder has broken, so not easy to spray disguising fragrance. Not sure the minimarkets will have a same style replacement, as already have refills ready for use. Decide to visit Agia Efima. Only across the bay. Need to be back Sami to pickup Julie Sat. Been to AE by car on landbased hols, but not yet by boat. Hoist sails as soon as exit Sami harbour and sail (reach then run) right up to the mole at AE. Skip forgets to untie lashing on coiled kedge warp, Jane has bowlines over(instead of under) pullpit. Bit of a panic - not one of our best bows to dockings, between two Brit boats. However lady to stbd says we can moor beside them anytime, as we didn’t nudge anyone, and there was a great palaver with their previous neighbour going broadside on their protruding anchor roller. Unusually have to pay here. euro per metre plus 23% VAT. Works out at 11.07. Stroll ashore. V hot. Find couple of small coves to N where can swim. Sea warmer than recently. Can get wifi from tavern opposite, without bat – once had beer there to get code. Do blogs. Advised the flotillas use “poseidon” for weather forecasts. Will have a look. Pleasant Greek music from taverna just along from us as chili on board.

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