Delays due to canal leak! Moor up just short of Buzet

chrisandjane aboard Liveloula
Chris Cooke
Thu 2 Jul 2015 11:56

44:15.0N 0:18.0E

Thursday 2 July Delays due to canal  Get just short of Buzet 25k


 Depart over aqueduct and series of locks (served by eclusier on moped) then 14k stretch to lock in middle of nowhere with failed lights.(Lock No. 38) Try lock phone – not working. Get thro to HQ on mobile – advised there was a breach on Tuesday which emptied a 9k stretch of canal a few locks ahead. Been mended but will take a while for the canal to fill as water has to flow down from the summit nearly 200k away as they don`t want to lower the water level upcanal/stream. Impressed as asked if we have sufficient drinking water, in view of our location and the extreme heat  - still well in 40s. We have plenty. Canal workmen appear 1630, to open bypass leat a bit more and speed up refilling. We ask if can let us thro to next section which has sufficient for us with keel and rudder lifted. HQ gives them permission so we move on another 7k to moor up 1750, on bank just before next locks, and very shallow section beyond. Walk 4k along canal bank to quiet village of Buzet. Many boats moored to bank high and dry, some heeled over with many lines ashore to prevent tipping further. Canal boats not designed to heel – hear tales of upside drawers, cupboards and shelves emptying contents on floor, with much smashed crockery etc. Also complications of plugging downside hull openings and vents to prevent flooding till craft back on an even keel. Not enough water yet for us to get thro tomorrow – hope there will be by 0900!

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