Tifu 3:42.8S, 126:23.9E

Serenity of Swanwick
Phil and Sarah Tadd
Thu 17 Aug 2023 23:27

Having watched the boat races in Banda we decided that we would head on to Tifu on Pulau Buru to be there for the celebration of Indonesian Independence. Tifu is a small village with a natural harbour. It is about 200 miles from Banda and we did consider stopping on the way near Ambon but it would have been an open anchorage and maybe uncomfortable.

Banda to Tifu

Tifu’s natural harbour

We arrived about 10.00 and almost immediately had three boys on board who had paddled out in their dugout canoe. Phil tried sitting in it and found it incredibly unstable but here they paddle them around the harbour and out to sea to fish.

Phil in a dugout canoe

We were then joined by four other yachts who had come from Ambon with an overnight stop at a small island on the way. One of them was Somerset a catamaran with a family on board who we had first seen in Nelson, New Zealand, and last seen in Tasmania.

Looking out over the harbour

We went ashore in the afternoon for the obligatory tour of the village, shake hands with the head man and admire the church.

Welcome to Tifu village

The village has about 300 inhabitants and surprisingly to us a Ukulele Band made up of youngsters. They are mad keen and wander around the village clutching their ukuleles and practising. Of course with the independence celebrations coming up they needed to be on top form. We ate ashore that night and they were able to feed 16 hungry sailors at short notice.

Eating out

The atmosphere in the village was wonderful, the people so welcoming, as we were told to expect we were the attraction and hundreds of photos must have been taken.

Indonesia declared itself independent in 1945 and after a bloody conflict they gained their independence in 1949, they had ben under rule by the Dutch Empire for 350yrs. We have seen reports from other boats on the rally who attended celebrations in larger towns and were subjected to long speeches and a formal dinner so I think we were in the right place it was very relaxed after the formal speeches by the Head Man and a few others. Dancing, music, food and more photos.

I think it is best to let the pictures tell the story.


Groups of different ages danced

The Ukulele band

Very smart in their uniforms

Selfie with trumpet playing grandad and his grandson

Even the cruisers were dragged into the dancing

Cruisers with the village chief and anyone with an official position.



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