Moving on from Curacao

Serenity of Swanwick
Phil and Sarah Tadd
Tue 7 Feb 2017 17:49

The rest of our time in Curacao has been fairly quiet.  The biggest excitement has been lifting the anchor in strong winds and motoring to the yacht club to fill our water tanks, and finding a cockroach on board.  This is only our second cockroach since we left home, and so far seems to have been a loner.  We have sprayed the back of cupboards and under the cooker, and bought some roach bait, but so far have not seen any sign of more – hopefully that’s it for the time being.


We did try to see a bit more of the island, but confusion over what the tourist information office told us about buses, and the fact that the floating bridge opened just as we needed to get across, meant we missed the bus we wanted. Instead we visited the Marine Museum, which was much more organised that the other we had visited.  All of the Caribbean islands have a lot of history for their size because the Europeans fought over them, and because of their role in the slave trade.  Curacao was a major slave market and a large proportion of the slaves coming into the Caribbean were bought here.


We are now ready to move on and are leaving this morning for Santa Marta in Colombia.  Its about 380 mile and we hope to be there in 3 days.




Sarah Tadd