Sunday 16:29.2N 043:28.1W

Serenity of Swanwick
Phil and Sarah Tadd
Sun 3 Jan 2016 19:56
Just over a week gone now, and 955 miles to go to Barbados. The trade winds are really set in and blowing from just N of E, generally force 5-6 occasionally 7. We had a cracking sail yesterday and last night, logging nearly 150 miles in 24 hrs. Apart from the eggs for the omelettes just going flying around the galley life is good. Sarah made bread this morning and we gybed round onto port tack (that's after 7 days with the sails set on starboard tack). Our friends on Tern are about 20 miles away from us to the South so we are just north of the great circle route and they are just south of it but just about level pegging. We have been using the towed generator to produce most of the charge for the batteries and it has now developed a problem. The connection between the line and Dynamo is wearing away really quickly and we have now had to take it out of commission. Not done badly for secondhand on eBay. Using the watermaker to keep the tanks topped up has needed the extra power but with the water we have in the tanks and jerry cans we should now have enough to get to our destination. If we need to we can of course run the engine to recharge the batteries but we don't want to if we can help it.
Had some heavy rain night before last, in with squally winds but otherwise sunshine with light cloud.

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