The missing notes 39: 34.8 N 9: 4.33W

Serenity of Swanwick
Phil and Sarah Tadd
Mon 21 Sep 2015 17:38
Leixoes and Porto
Having arrived in Leixoes and moved onto a finger pontoon in the wind we were pleased to have a quiet night. Leixoes is the main port for Porto and a small town with a long beach. We walked out along this looking for a chandler who might sell us some detailed charts of the coast but alas they had moved into the town. We do have electronic charts in detail but would like to get some paper ones if possible. We spent the afternoon wandering around Porto and across the river by the Port warehouses. They city is large and built on a hill over the river Douro loads of interesting large buildings interspersed with narrow alleys. Fabulous railway station, decorated with scenes of local life in tiles.
On to Figuero do Foz.
Another mixed day, sailing and motoring sailing ending with a lovely reach under Genoa alone reaching eight knots. The Marina here was quite expensive, the office a long walk from the pontoons and the WiFi not working! Not a place to spend long in although it looked like a pleasant town.
Late start from Figuero but a good sailing wind had us on our way to Nazare, where we are moored in the Marina. Very basic and a mile out of town through the fishing port. The almanac says that the other pontoons nearer the town are private but actually we discovered today that they do welcome visitors. Spent today looking at the town and went up to the old town and lighthouse this afternoon. Found out all about the giant waves they get here and the surf record set in 2013 on a 30metre (100ft) wave!

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