Falaga in pictures - the village part 2

Serenity of Swanwick
Phil and Sarah Tadd
Sun 1 Sep 2019 00:38


Looking out over the lagoon from a view point above the landing anchorage

We saw these birds on the track between the landing and the village.  They are very like the kingfishers in New Zealand

Games are universal – these boys were playing with carved wooden spinning tops

The supply ship is too big to get right into the landing anchorage and had to stop out in the lagoon.  Supplies were ferried to and fro by long boat

The arrival of the supply ship is a time of excitement and the villagers gather on the beach with their wheelbarrows to offload and carry away their supplies

The village women go off clamming by canoe – they send clams and coconuts to family on the main island where they are expensive

The cave of bones is a short scramble up the hill behind the village.  No one knows why they are there

Great views from the top of the hill above the cave

Launching our dinghy through the shallows at the landing for the village

Phil fixes the hole in the bottom of the ‘youth boat’.  This boat is for hire for FJ$5 per day to make money for youth projects in the village

Sunrise over the landing anchorage