Yanuy Anukalou (Gods Island), Fulaga, 19:08S, 178:34.4W

Serenity of Swanwick
Phil and Sarah Tadd
Tue 27 Aug 2019 03:04
Still in Fulaga, we waited in Sandspit anchorage for the stronger winds to go through. On Saturday Phil went ashore to burn some paper and card waste only to get drenched as the wind went from N to S and the heavens opened. Luckily the fire was going before this happened and the waste was disposed of. On board Sarah hastily arranged the water catchers to help fill our tanks.
We stayed in this anchorage until Tuesday, walking on the beach occasionally and looking at the potential snorkelling. At the N end of this piece of the island there are some small rocky islets continuing round toward the pass, the main break is where we had been told to snorkel. The waves break over the reef, filling the lagoon, and the water flows through this gap. We eventually swam here on Monday at about high water but the visibility was not good, lots of suspended sand in the water.
Tuesday we wanted to return a memory stick to Double Trouble (Jo and Rob) as we weren’t sure of their plans for leaving, and we went to join them and Forever (Peter, Michelle and Marino)where they had sheltered from the southerlies. Tai had called on the radio and invited Jo and Rob to tea as it was his birthday, Tai is their host, and while they were ashore we borrowed their kayaks for a paddle around.
Today is Jo’s birthday and we have moved a very short distance to anchor off God’s Island, no idea why it’s called that but it’s a pretty nice place to be. We have been ashore and seen tropic birds and caves, at one time someone lived here but now we presume it is just used by the local villagers as somewhere to collect coconuts and to fish. We will go ashore again tonight and have a pot luck meal to celebrate Jo’s birthday and to say farewell to the Double Trouble’s and Forever’s as they will leave for Suva tomorrow. We have decided to stay here till next week when we feel the wind will be better for the 200 mile passage to Suva.