Kioa Island

Serenity of Swanwick
Phil and Sarah Tadd
Thu 11 Jul 2019 01:40

We had decided it was time to move on, not being divers there is little else to do here. We headed north inside the reef to Kioa Island. This small island was bought by Tuvaluans to settle on and they have been here since 1947, the settlement in the southmost bay provides a good but deep anchorage and even close to shore we were in 20m, okay so long as it remained calm. On going ashore we were met by the Administrator welcomed and given permission to wander freely around the village. The houses were a mixture of solid and fairly ramshackle with narrow concrete walkways between them (there is only the one village so there are no vehicles) and everywhere was shaded by coconut palms, breadfruit trees and bananas. A lot of the houses had open-sided lean-to’s where the cooking and washing up seemed to be done (as well as chatting and snoozing). We found the people very pleased to stop and chat. As we had approached the bay we had seen plenty of outrigger canoes being used for fishing and later some actually sailed back in, plastic tarpaulins make cheap and easy sails.



Kioa church, prominent in the centre of the village.



A traditional style building with behind it the meeting hall. On Tuesday there was a school event in the hall and the dignitaries ate in this building.



Transport ancient and modern, canoe for fishing and wheelbarrow to take your catch home. The pile of

diesel cans on the beach were being taken by boat to Vanua Levu to be filled.



Sussanah, told us all about her children and grandchildren, some are still on the island but others work on Vanua Levu.



Shady walkways between the houses



Bringing the catch ashore



Children are the same the world over, interested, pleased to have their photo taken,



And more than willing to help! Serenity at anchor in the background



Fisherman returning




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