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Serenity of Swanwick
Phil and Sarah Tadd
Sat 19 May 2018 23:10

A week back in Whangarei is enough, so as the weather forecast is good its away for an early bridge lift and the long trip down river and out to sea.







Clear of the river and with a good steady breeze we’re off at 7 knots.





We anchored in the dark and had a quiet night waking to still water at sunrise.




The post is delivered to the island by boat which also provides a ferry service and daytrips.

With a warning of stronger winds to come and a change in direction we moved across the harbour and re-anchored with more shelter. On Thursday we went ashore to Schoolhouse Bay for a walk over to Coppermine Lookout and then to the Coppermine and back round to Dispute Cove and Mansion House Cove.




The view from Coppermine Lookout.




Or should it be a gold mine?




The old Boiler from the pumphouse. The mine went out under the sea and back inland but was only productive for a few years.




Dispute Bay, but no indication of what the dispute was about.




Back to Mansion House Bay and autumn colours,




but no cup of tea.


On the way back to Serenity Phil slipped on some steps, hitting his pelvis and badly bruising it. Some lovely kind people helped Sarah refloat the dinghy pushing it out through ankle deep mud and after another night at anchor we sailed back to Whangarei passing some penguins on the way. Another great day sail with regularly 7-8 knots through the water.




Little Blue penguins.



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