The year in summary

Serenity of Swanwick
Phil and Sarah Tadd
Wed 22 Jun 2016 11:10
Here are a few statistics from the last year:

Since leaving the UK we have sailed 5600 miles by our log (which is horribly inaccurate and under-reads much of the time) to cover a rhumb line distance of just over 6000 miles. The weather has ranged from flat calm to force 9 (we may have glossed over that one at the time!).  We have spent 43 nights at sea, including the following multiday passages:

Across Biscay - 5 nights & 405 miles
Portugal to Madeira - 6 nights and 490 miles
Madeira to the Canaries - 3 nights and 260 miles
Canaries to Cap Verde - 8 nights and 740 miles
Cap Verde to Barbados - 16 nights and 2100 miles

We have visited 14 different countries, and 35 individual islands, and met uncountable friendly and interesting local people everywhere we have been (with just a few surly and unhelpful officials thrown in).  The sights we have seen are impossible to sum up.

We have met numerous lovely and interesting fellow cruisers from countries including the UK (there is an amazing number of West Country boats out here), Ireland, France, Spain, Estonia, Turkey, Romania, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Canada and the USA.

It has been an amazing year, including fulfilling a lifelong ambition to cross the Atlantic in a sailing boat.  Now we are looking forward to a bit of time back in the UK to see family and friends, but also for European standard supermarkets, decent cheese, fresh vegetables, and good muesli and marmite for breakfast!

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