Back to Gorda Sound, 18:30.4n, 64:22.4W

Serenity of Swanwick
Phil and Sarah Tadd
Tue 12 Apr 2016 14:03
The launderette at Anegada was just $2 for a wash, by far the cheapest we have seen anywhere, so yesterday morning we went ashore and did a wash.  It was such a windy day, that it was all dry enough that we could put it down below and leave by midday.

We were heading back for Virgin Gorda, which was pretty close to the south easterly wind, so we started with 2 reefs in both sails and close hauled.  The sea was smooth so we were sailing well and gradually increased sail as the wind decreased.  We made landfall a couple of miles down wind of the entrance to Gorda Sound, so had to tack to get in.  It was a great active sail: quite a change from the norm here where you have the wind on the beam or behind and just set the sails and sit back until you arrive.

We have seen lots of turtles since we have been out here, but they normally dive before you get a chance to take a photo.  This morning we have had this fellow around us, who seems to have something attached.  We suspect that he has picked up a bit of discarded fishing tackle that has a big fish attached to the other end. 

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