Slow progress, about a day to go. 23:44.09s 166:55.7e

Serenity of Swanwick
Phil and Sarah Tadd
Tue 28 Jun 2022 23:02
The wind steadily increased and our sail area was decreased. On Monday evening we eventually rigged our working jib instead of the Genoa (smaller sail) and on that night we were down to the third reef in the mainsail.Tuesday morning early the weather front arrived with torrential rain and further increase in wind. We hove to (this is where you pull the jib to the windward side of the boat, pull the mainsail in tight and steer to windward before locking the wheel) and stopped the boat, making No forward progress and slowly drifting downwind. This is comfortable and safe. We know that we will not arrive today, Wednesday, so have kept all the reefs in the sails, heave to if the wind picks up and make steady progress toward the pass. We aim to arrive tomorrow morning at first light.