On passage to Opua 20:21s, 176:14.9e

Serenity of Swanwick
Phil and Sarah Tadd
Tue 22 Oct 2019 06:56
Monday morning we checked all the forecasts and decided that there was a good weather window to head south for the summer. Clearing out from Vuda Marina was really easy with all the paperwork already completed it was just a matter of a couple of signatures, lots of rubber stamping and a warning that you are not allowed to stop anywhere in Fiji.
We were ready, Serenity was prepared and we called the marina for assistance in leaving. They have a lovely tradition in Fiji which we have noticed in some villages that they sing a farewell song when friends and family leave to go off the island. Vuda marina staff do the same for boats departing Fiji. A garland of flowers was placed on our bow and the marina staff sang farewell. Sarah has posted a video of this on Facebook.
Last night was a bit rough as we came out of the shelter of Viti Levu and hit the acceleration zone on the sw corner but by midday today we were clear of that and are making good progress as we go into our second night at sea. The suggested routing for this trip is to head well west, almost to Norfolk Island so as to then approach New Zealand using the southerly winds on the leading edge of an anticyclone. Making sure that you avoid troughs of low pressure over North Island, this may mean slowing down and waiting.