2:30N,79:57.8W Frustration!

Serenity of Swanwick
Phil and Sarah Tadd
Thu 20 Apr 2017 19:53
We are plugging on south toward Puerto Amistad in Ecuador with mainly light winds from the south. Last night we were reefed down with. 20 knots off wind but our best course was about ESE due to a strong counter current. As daylight came the wind died. We have had to navigate around long strings of fishing floats with longline fishing between them. When there is a fisherman about in his boat he indicates which way you should go. Amazing that they are fishing out here 100+ miles offshore in open boats about 25ft long using outboard engines perhaps they have a mothership somewhere. Hope we get some useful wind again tonight as it looks set to die completely tomorrow.
We have been checking in with the Pacific Puddlejump radio net each morning, most of the boats are well ahead of us but it's good to know that someone is listening out for you and to get reports of the weather they are having.
Sarah is scrubbing squid ink off the deck with great difficulty, 2 squid jumped on board a couple of nights ago along with some flying fish.

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