Faluga in pictures - Sandspit and Gods Island anchorages

Serenity of Swanwick
Phil and Sarah Tadd
Sun 1 Sep 2019 00:39

Fulaga with our places and route through the coral and islands marked

Our second anchorage was Sandspit – named after this spit which covers and uncovers with the tide

These colours have not been enhanced in any way..

The anchored boats seen from the sandspit

Palm tree over the beach!

Clear, clear water in the lagoon on the outside of the island

Phil exploring with the crews of ‘Double Trouble’ and ‘Forever’ – Marino, Michelle, Jo, Peter and Rob – photo

courtesy of Darren the Drone from ‘Double Trouble’

Mushroom islets are a feature of the lagoon

Anchored among the mushroom islets south of Island of God

Canoe expedition in kayaks borrowed from Double Trouble

Yanuy Anukalou, or Island of God.  We anchored off the main beach.  A family used to live here, but it is now uninhabited

Beach between the islands at Island of God

Ashore at Island of God