Lomaloma -17:17.7S, 178:58.9W

Serenity of Swanwick
Phil and Sarah Tadd
Wed 31 Jul 2019 21:07

There was wet and windy weather forecast for last weekend, so we decided to stay in Bay of Islands where we felt secure in the anchorage.  The wet bit arrived on Friday and the new rain collection gutters that we had sewn to our bimini got their first real try out.  Success. By morning our water tanks were full and we had enough water collected in a trug to do some laundry.



Water for free


The wind arrived on Saturday night, and with it midnight drama.  Sarah woke up to hear voices closer than she expected and looked out to see a neighbouring boat dragging her anchor towards a cliff.  The anchor caught again just in time, but it was still a precarious position for them.  It was blowing quite hard and there was no way we could get there to help with our small outboard engine, but a call on the radio found some other cruisers still awake and they were able to go and help.  In the end, apart from frayed nerves, there was no damage done.


We sat the wind out through Sunday and then on Monday morning continued round the north end of Vanua Balavu to Batavu Harbour.  The passage was quite narrow in places between the reefs but the visibility was good and between the waypoints we have been given, a satellite view on the IPad and a visual lookout it was an easy passage.



Sarah gets up high to look out for reefs and shallows


We anchored alongside ‘Miss Tic’ in a bay to the eastern side of the harbour and had a peaceful night after the wind of the last few days.  The next day we joined the ‘Miss Tics’ and the ‘Sea Eagles’ for a walk to a view point over our previous anchorage in Bay of Islands.  It was a hot day and the walk started with a climb up a long rickety staircase, but we were mostly in the shade and it was quite pleasant.  The views from the lookout were out of this world.



The local pigs find a bit of shade



Bay of Islands



Looking across the reef surrounding Vanua Balavu to the next island


Its been 3 weeks since we last reprovisioned in Somo Somo, and we were beginning to run short of fresh fruit and veg, so we came round to Lomaloma, administrative capital of the Lau Group, yesterday.  The town has a couple of small stores where we bought Pak Choi, Pumpkin, Onions, Potatoes, Papaya and Bananas.  They had sold out of carrots yesterday and the next supply ship is due next week – our diet is going to be a bit restricted over the next few weeks!  We then went ashore together with the crews of the other 4 boats in the anchorage to the ‘fuel station’.  As when we visited Butha Bay this was a shed in someones back garden with drums of fuel that he syphoned off into a measuring jug, which was used to fill our jerry cans.  You are always aware buying in these remote places with infrequent supply ships that what you buy isn’t available for the locals.



Leaving the anchorage at Bavatu Harbour



Reef protecting a village on the windward shore of Vanua Balavu



Lomaloma high street



The anchorage at Lomaloma.  Serenity keeps company with Sea Eagle, Forever, Double Trouble

and Miss Tic



Lomaloma church


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