Still in Savusavu

Serenity of Swanwick
Phil and Sarah Tadd
Mon 9 Sep 2019 00:13

We have spent the last week in Savusavu enjoying access to showers, fresh water, the market and supermarkets, but less so the noise of the works for the new marina and luxury housing development on Nawi Island a few hundred metres across the creek from our mooring.  According to their website it was due to open in 2017, but is not yet above ground level.  We are waiting for our visa extensions to come through so that we can stay in Fiji beyond the first week in October.


Its been a time for jobs – lots of washing and cleaning while water is easy to get and general maintenance. We also took the opportunity to eat ashore in the Korean restaurant that offers lots of vegetarian options.  We have since learnt that the organisation that runs it – Grace Road – is a cult and its leader has recently been jailed in South Korea for detaining her followers in Fiji and subjecting them to barbaric rituals.  We won’t be going there again!


Today is a public holiday for Constitution Day, hopefully our visas will be ready tomorrow so that we can move on for our last few weeks exploring Fiji.


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