Madeira crossing second day 35:21.1N 11:48.1W

Serenity of Swanwick
Phil and Sarah Tadd
Thu 8 Oct 2015 11:09
240 miles to go. Yesterday was a bit of a frustrating day with the wind almost dead astern and light. If we try to sail with main and Genoa they both flap and crash as the swell swings around, to get them to fill properly means sailing well off course. Most of the day we just had the Genoa poled out and accepted sailing at 2 knots. Just before dark the clouds were building and not wanting to be dealing with removing the pole in the dark at the six'o'clock watch change we removed the pole and all its lines, hoisted the main with one reef in it and set a comfortable course for the night. With both sails pulling we had a cracking sail with speeds of 4-6 knots, the towed generator is charging the batteries and even cooling down the fridge!
We seem to have set a pattern for watches which mean that every time Sarah is on there is shipping around and then Phil takes over and doesn't see any.
At present we are making 5 knots toward the Madeira group, the sun has rose behind clouds but they have mostly cleared now to give another lovely day.

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