Paradise Resort: 16:56.1S, 179:53.9E

Serenity of Swanwick
Phil and Sarah Tadd
Sat 13 Jul 2019 09:12

The map at the top of our blog is struggling to cope with the fact that we keep crossing the date line at the moment, so here is a map of where we have been since we arrived in Viani Bay a couple of weeks ago.  The dateline actually runs through the town of Somo Somo (number 9 on the chart) and we also crossed from east to west at Catherine Bay (5) and Albert Cove (7).


Our travels from Viani Bay to Paradise Resort

0: Viani Bay

3: Kioa bay anchorage

4: Buca Bay

5: Catharine’s Bay

7: Albert Cove

8: Naqaiqai Bay

9: Somo Somo

10: Paradise Resort


We stopped for 1 night in Somo Somo where we managed to renew our internet connection with Digicell, but also purchased a SIM card and data package for Vodaphone.  Hopefully now we will be able to use one or the other in most places (Kioa and Rabi seemed only to have Vodaphone).  We also had a successful shopping trip.  Apparently Taveuni had been running short on supplies since the ferry company had is licence suspended by the government for overloading, but fresh supplies were delivered the day we were there and we managed to get most of what we needed.


We couldn’t top up our water in the town, or get our laundry done (although the villager we spoke to when we first landed would have run it through his own machine at home for us!).  So we came south to the Paradise Resort, where they provide moorings for free and you can use the resort facilities (pool, showers, restaurant and bar).  Our laundry is done and our tanks are full, and after an island tour tomorrow we will be fit to sail on for another two to three weeks.

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