Unloading Curious in Marmaris Turkey

Steve & Trish Brown
Tue 22 May 2012 19:26
Following the loading of Curious, we left Thailand to spend some time with
family and friends in the UK 
We then went to Marmaris, friends Brian and Isabelle were there when we
arrived and it was good to spend some time looking around Marmaris with
them while waiting for BBC Polonia to arrive
It was quite exciting to see Curious back and couldn't wait to get on and have
a look at her
Once we were allowed on, Steve did a thorough inspection
Brian and Isabelle had the ladder first to get onto their boat
Isabelle happy to be back on Wasabi 
Everyone was getting ready for unloading
Everybody took photos and shared them with each other
It was good to be back on board, the atmosphere was great, everyone was
relieved the boats were all safe and sound
Wasabi waiting to be unloaded
The unloading got underway.....
...and was carried out very quickly
Nearly our turn
It was a very anxious time when the straps went on 
Wasabi making their way to their allotted Marina mooring space
On our way.......having been allocated our mooring space in the Marina we were
glad to be back on the water