The escape route is almost complete

Steve & Trish Brown
Wed 24 Nov 2010 06:59

I’ve just got a few more yards to go with the escape route.

I’ve unscrewd the aircon vent, down this shaft to the basement, under the manhole cover and about 120 metres takes me to the other side of the fence.

I’ve worked out the schedule for the guards and the dogs I just need to synchronise the searchlights then I’m gone.

I have an visit from the commandant tomorrow morning and should then have enough time afterwards before the hut guards come by to take more blood, etc!

I’ve made a disguise , passport and travel documents and some of my compadres will be waiting with a getaway car.

I just hope my limp does not give me away.

Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

norway 2003 077.jpg


Todays Op went well, no sign of infection in the tissues and they have removed the last of any dead tissue.

A couple more sutures inserted to speed up the healing process and the rest left open to heal from inside out to avoid further infection.

IV antibiotics overnight, a final check tomorrow and if all OK I can leave hospital.

A few days of daily dressing changes in Kerikeri hospital and then we can make our way to Auckland.

Blood tests to check for infections after one week and then again after two weeks if all OK I should then just have to let the wound fill in.