Loading Curious in Phuket

Steve & Trish Brown
Wed 16 May 2012 21:50
Having decided to ship Curious through pirate alley and all preparations had
been made, we sailed her into Yacht Haven marina and awaited the arrival of
BBC Polonia
We were able to track the ship's progress and watched as she slowly made
her way to Thailand
We were all very pleased to see her arrive
Our friends on Wasabli was due to be loaded second and Curious was to be
loaded fourth, unfortunately it took a while to load the first boat and as we were
booked onto a flight home, Brian and Isabelle of Wasabi kindly allowed us to
be loaded before them
This photo was taken by Bernie of First Light who was due to be loaded after us
Chris the diver had the difficult job of free diving under Curious and making
sure the lifting straps were put into place, there was a 6 knot current running
which made his job very difficult
We stayed on Curious until she was high enough for us to climb off
She was then, very carefully, lifted onto BBC Polonia
We nervously watched as she was brought onboard
Which seemed to take a long time
She was lifted high enought to be able to swing her across the deck
and be put gently into place
Once in position the crew set about securing her into place
Preparing to leave Curious for her voyage without us
It was strange to think that this deck would soon be full of yachts
They certainly pack them in very close to each other
The captain and crew of BBC Polonia were friendly and efficient which made
loading Curious easier than we thought