Picton, Marlborough, Nelson Lakes, Lyttleton and Christchurch

Steve & Trish Brown
Wed 2 Mar 2011 03:20

With Katie and Yann due to arrive on the 21st we needed to head back to Christchurch but wanted to see some of the wine rich

Marlborough region as well as central Canterbury via the Lewis Pass.

We drove through huge areas of vines and passed many well known vineyards as well as a detour to visit the excellent Omaka air museum.

P Picton to Lake Rotoiti 45.JPG

The Nelson Lakes National park is yet another area of great beauty and we camped on the side of Lake Rotoiti.

There was some good walks through the birch forests as well as a tough hike up to peaks and ridges alongside the lake.

Q Lake Rotoiti 155.JPG

                                                                                                                Lake Rotorua

J Rotorua Lake 30.JPG

Sadly a teenage Australian boy had gone missing the day before we arrived at Lake Rotorua and with search efforts still

ongoing we decided to head off to anothe overnight stop.

J Rotorua Lake 36.JPG

The journey down from Nelson Lakes and over the Lewis pass took us through more high rolling hills, huge rivers and glorious scenery.

R Arthurs Pass 11.JPG

Always on near deserted roads, through sleepy townships and past remote farms

R Arthurs Pass 3.JPG


Lyttleton has many links with Antarctic and Antarctic expeditions and it was from here that Shakleton obtained a ship from the

NZ government to go south once more to rescue the second group of men from the other side of Antarctica.

Lytttleton 19.JPG

We also saw the damage done by last years “Christchurch” earthquake little knowing that many of the buildings we photographed

would be damaged or destroyed by the second quake.

Lytttleton 24.JPG

Lytttleton 23.JPG

Following the arrival of katie and Yann we did debate heading into the centre of Christchurch for a day or so in the city.

Fortunately for us we changed plans and headed out into central Canterbury, Geraldine, Tekapo and Mt Cook.