Nitmiluk campsite

Steve & Trish Brown
Sun 17 Jul 2011 23:10
The park campgrounds at Nitmiluk are on the edge of the river and dry plains.
The campsite is closed in the wet season when it is cut off from Katherine and can be completely flooded.
This area is home to huge numbers of bats that feed on the proliferation of insects.
They hung from the trees in their thousands and as the sun went down took to the air to feed.
The surrounding area is home to Kangaroos and Wallabies and when they come into the campgrounds can be seen up very close.
This young Joey had come out of its mothers pouch to feed and would soon be ejected permantly to make way for another sibling.
Both mother and Joey were no more than a few feet from us as we ate at the side of our campervan.
In the 1998 floods the water levels rose by 22m and the visitor centre was under water, as was the town of Katherine with flood levels 2m deep on the main street and large saltwater crocs seen floating by the Woolworths supermarket.