Palmerston Atoll - Central Cook islands

Steve & Trish Brown
Thu 22 Jul 2010 01:07
18:02.76S 163:11.53W
We are now moored off "Big island" on Palmerston Atoll after a fast 25 hour
crossing from Aitutaki.
Palmerston is one of the more remote of the Cook islands and has a unique
The Atoll was first settled by William Marsters, an Englishman from
Gloucester who brought his Maori wife and two of her cousins. Marsters
married the two cousins and began to build his own little dynasty with three
separate family lines. Everyone on the island is directly descended from
Marsters and his wives and strict rules are kept to ensure that no-one
marries within his or her family line.
It should be an interesting stay!

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