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Date: 30 Jan 2010 13:12:24
Title: LasPerlas to the Galapagos - Day 1

06:50.5N 80:08.8W
Distance to Destination 850nm
Distance covered (13 hours) 112nm
Distance still to go 738nm
Current heading 194 Degrees True
Rhumb line course 232 Degrees True
Sail configuration wing and wing with Yankee poled out
to windward

We had found a great anchorage on Isla De Rey with a long white sand beach
and a river mouth that led into the jungle.
We just had time to explore on foot the sand flats at the entrance before
taking to the dinghy to glide a couple of miles upstream with the flood
tide, with huge mangrove trees, lots of birds but no crocs or monkeys. On
our way out we passed some young boys from the only village on the island
who had been out hunting Iguanas for their evening meal. They had caught
about four and tide them round their necks like bandoliers.
We motored down to the village to say hi, buy a few fish and bananas before
weighing anchor and setting out on the passage to the Galapagos. The Rhumb
line distance is 850nm but in order to avoid the ITCZ (doldrums) we would
have to head south in order to miss the worst of this area of flooky winds.
As we left we picked up the strong northerlies and also the benefit of the
Panama current and shot off at speeds up to 10 knots bang on the Rhumb line
covering 112nm directly towards our destination before turning south.
Generator stopped minutes after start up this morning after eating its
second raw water impellor....quickly fixed and all OK.

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