Sale of Simanderal

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sat 3 Dec 2022 15:51
While we were in the Dominican Republic I had some time for serious thought! Clearly with Ger’s situation there could be little expectation that we could get back to long distance sailing together. And while I have a wonderful crew with Tuomas and Anna, it cannot be the same. And so I somewhat reluctantly decided that I should sell Simanderal——in any event she is not the right boat for the more limited sailing that may, if at all, be the future. She is for world girdling! And costly to maintain.

Having decided to sell, I made some calls from the DR, and decided that it made little sense to sail back to Europe.  Amel has a subsidiary in Martinique, there are many Amels based there, and a broker specialising in selling them.

So after Puerto Rico, we sailed directly to Sint Maarten to have a few things fixed on the boat. The broker visited us there and started the sale process. And from there we sailed fairly quickly to Martinique, with brief stops in Antigua, Guadeloupe, the Saint’s and Dominica.

And in Martinique, we cleaned, cleared and tidied the boat for sale before I flew back to the U.K. on 7 March, initially leaving Simanderal in the excellent care of Tuomas and Anna, and thereafter the brokers and boat guardians. Simanderal finally sold in July.

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