On the move again

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Tue 2 Mar 2010 13:08
Well, after far to much time spent anchored off Panama City, we're on the move again--starting with a gentle 40 mile sail yesterday down to the Las Perlas islands. Currently anchored in splendid isolation and calm off Isla Bayoneta. Not yet decided if we stay in the islands for another night or head off today on the 1000 mile trip to galapagos--but if we don't go today, for sure we have to go tomorrow. It's early in the morning--we've been up since 0630--and the birds are singing--it's good to be out of the city.
Spent a couple of hours yesterday, after we anchored, cleaning the bottom of the boat--I wasn't going to do it in Panama City, the water's filthy--quite a lot of Panama City muck and some crustacean activity, but the stuff I put on the prop in Trini is still keeping it clean. We now have a lovely clean bottom for a long sail.
The tsunami warning, after the Chile earthquake, gave us a bit of excitement--the anchorage quickly emptied out as everyone headed for deep water--we all drifted around for a couple of hours until about an hour after the predicted time of arrival of the tsunami in Panama City--they can predict pretty accurately when it will strike--but it was not to be--no wave--not even a ripple! so we all headed back in and re-anchored.
Time to get on with some weather forecasting and passage planning. So, au revoir.