Still sailing

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Fri 5 Mar 2010 17:00
Now into our third day--325 miles under the belt at 48 hours sailing, so this is a fast passage so far and much better sailing winds than I had expected or hoped for--only 3 hours under power so far, all in the first 6 hours on Wednesday.
We're doing a dog-leg route, heading mainly south towards the equator to pick up the south-east trades when we head west--all up about 1000 miles--our longest passage since the Atlantic and our longest yet with only 2 up.
Winds have been quite strong so far--currently over 20 knots on the port quarter--sailing fast under reefed main and reefed genoa. Yesterday we sailed in lighter winds--15 knots--under cruising chute--we had to gybe it several times as the wind direction changed--unfortunately our last gybe was not well executed, the sail snagged and we have a rip in it--too big for a home repair, so no more chute till we get it to a "sailmaker" in Galapagos--the book says the shoemaker also handles sails and canvas!! I'll miss that sail when the winds go light!
Otherwise all in good spirits--spot of rain last night while Ger was on watch, and a thunderstorm in the distance--we kept well clear of it. Eating well--need more sleep--I'll probably go for a zizz after downloading weather forecasts etc.