Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sat 26 Jan 2008 23:32
We have been in Dominica for the past week or so. We had a lovely, fast beam reach up from Martinique to Roseau in Dominica on 21 January. Picked up a mooring with the help of "Sea Cat" who looked after us splendidly and at very reasonable cost. Interesting town--very different from Martinique--less tourism, less money etc. but the people very friendly, like to chat--indeed chatting and chilling seems to be the main occupation. We did a couple of tours organised by Sea Cat--one to the rainforest aerial tram, a second all day to the rainforest/emerald pool/carib reservation--very interesting and enjoyable--guides very knowledgable re vegetation/wildlife etc.
Then on 24 January we had another lovely sail up to Portsmouth--a good sheltered bay. A small village--very unsophisticated indeed, but again everyone very friendly. Martin(Providence--recommended by Sea Cat) took us up the Indian River yesterday--0700 start as best time to see birds/wildlife--fascinating--a "must do" trip. And today we were back in the rainforest--trees, waterfalls, parrots, hummingbirds--and wet feet from fording rivers!
We plan to stay here tomorrow and then sail up to Isles Saintes on Monday--back to civilisation, restaurants, shops etc. But Dominica will be a stand-out memory and we will return as we sail back south.