Michael Hughes and Ger White
Thu 12 Mar 2009 21:36
Well after relaxed cruising in the Virgin Islands for the last 3 weeks, we thought it time to move on. Ger particularly--though also I--was keen to go to Anguilla again--we enjoyed it last year----my reservations were concerned with winds and currents--normally the wind would be against--easterly--the current always is. However there were 12 hours in the forecast with winds from the North, and as the days progressed, this forecast for Wednesday afternoon and night remained the same--northerlies.  And on this occassion the forecasters got it dead right--a steady northerly of between 13 and 18 knots which gave us a wonderful overnight sail to Road  Bay, Anguilla on a beam reach in moderate seas. The trip was a bit over 80 miles and I had reckoned on 14 hours--or a bit more as I never take the forecast for granted. As it transpired we made a bit over 7 knots average (despite conservative reefing at dusk), and anchored in Road Bay in 11 hours-- about 2am--full moon made it not too hairy!!
So here we are in Anguilla--the first familiar island this year--the last was Bequia which we left on 30th December! We've just been ashore for lunch at "Elvis'" beach bar--plus a couple of truly lethal rum punches --and now back on board for a restful evening and an early night to catch up on sleep.We plan to stay here for a few days before continuing south to Saints Martin and Barts.