Sailing south

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Mon 29 Nov 2010 03:19
We had a lazy morning yesterday--didn't up anchor and set off until 0900!
And then a slow sail under genoa through the Sandy Straight down the west (inside) coast of Fraser Island--lovely to sail in calm waters with a gentle breeze pushing us along--as well as the tide!. I was told we would inevitably go maground at some point--our departure was timed so we would have a rising tide in case we had to get off. However we managed down--resorting to engine for the shalowest parts--without touching bottom shalowest point gave us a foot of water below the keel!! The bottom is of course sand--Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world---so going slowly no damage would be done if you touched bottom.
Given the forecasts--another front on its way in 2 or 3 days--we decided to make the best of the weather window and headed offshore round the southern end of Fraser Island--it's now Monday and we're well on our way south, passing Tweed Heads shortly, then Byron--Australia's most easterly point--planning to arrive Yamba in the Clarence River early tomorrow morning.
Mixture of sailing and engine over last 24 hours--very fast sail part of last night--heavily reefed as wind rose--but it then fell to nothing this morning, so now motoring--expect the wind to kick in soon--it seems to in the afternoons.
All well on board