On passage to Oz

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Mon 9 Aug 2010 23:12
We're now nearly 24 hours into our final passage to Australia--some 1150 miles passage, so our longest for some time--reckoning on 8 days, but might be less--we'll log 190 miles in the first 24 hours.
It's a rough and tumble ride at the moment--winds up to 30 knots and a rough sea--pretty much as forecast--perhaps a bit stronger--but it will calm down a lot by Thursday. Wind is up the chuff, so rockin and rollin along at 8 knots average under a wee jib and heavily reefed main on a preventer. Making good while we can--we'll slow down a lot later in the week.
Nigel still with us, so we get more off-time and sleep--though sleeping was a challenge last night with the speed and motion!!
All is well, though we look forward to the calmer waters ahead!