16:04.20N 39:01.92W

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Mon 24 Dec 2018 12:21

Winds up and down through the night. Also angle shifting by 20 degrees doesn’t help. But made decent progress in last 24 hours given the light winds. Mostly on starboard tack with chute, but now goosewinged with chute out to port and genoa poled to starboard as the wind has come round behind---for a while at least! I’ve altered course a to work our way south a bit as forecast indicates better winds, albeit only a knot or two. Forecast suggests winds should get up a bit from mid-night tonight, though at 14 knots nothing to write home about! We won’t get into real winds until we get to longitude 50 degrees. Looks like being a belter for the last 500 miles!

The good news is that the sea remains benign, so sleeping, cooking, eating and fishing all easy. And the sun shines, as does the full moon at night.

All is well. Got the Xmas tree up and spirits good. 1260 miles to go!