Grenada to Bequia

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Tue 10 Dec 2019 23:14
Well fingers crossed re the bowthruster wasn’t enough—-as we were setting off for Carriacou on 4 December we found it had again failed. Not certain what is causing the flexible joint damage, but suspect the gearbox is faulty. After briefly contemplating staying in Grenada until it was sorted, we decided to head north and plan to have repairs by Amel in Martinique
So on 4 December to Carriacou and we stayed over on the 5th and 6th, visiting Hillsborough etc.
Then on 7th we sailed the short hop to Union Island, arriving around 1030, clearing into St Vincent and looking round “town”. Following day another short hop to the Tobago Cays—-swimming, snorkelling etc. And on 9th the longer sail up to Bequia where we plan to stay a few days.
But our trip has been punctuated by gear failures. Apart from the bowthruster we have had a broken toilet solenoid, now fixed, a problem with the steering cables, now fixed, a failure of the watermaker backflush which caused loss of almost all our water en route to Bequia, now fixed,, I and a significant problem with the engine, still to be fixed. This was a failure of the vibration dampener on the engine belt that drives the alternator and water pump. It happened just as we left the mooring on Tobago Cays, but I decided to sail on to Bequia without engine use and we virtually sailed on to the anchorage in Bequia. We hope to effect a temporary fix here, and make sparing use of the engine and get a spare part sent to Martinique for us. Ho-hum! What next!

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