Delivery passages!!!

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Wed 21 Nov 2012 08:39
As Burns said, the best laid schemes of mice & men gang aft agley .........  We were back to Miri, on Simanderal, on 6 November to continue our journey back to West Malaysia and Phuket----but waiting for us was an e-mail to Ger relating to medical tests she had just before coming out----so Ger headed back to London for medical reasons. And I will now be following on.
Before leaving, Ger and I "interviewed" a girl seeking passage west from Miri---Mika from South Africa/Serbia---and she joined Simanderal when Ger left on 10 November.
 And that day we sailed for Singapore--some 670 miles away---which we sailed non-stop. The first day was fine--some good sailing--though progress was slowed by a constant adverse current. The next 2 days were pretty awful---strong winds on the nose, squalls, nasty seas, rain, only one thunderstorm. The wind on the nose for a day was in the forecast,  but not at the strength we had and nor for as long. And then it calmed down with the wind falling to very light and a lot of engine to complete the passage.
We dropped the hook off the east side of Singapore just after lunchtime on 16th, and caught a favourable tide for a daytime passage round Singapore to Puteri Marina the following day---averaging over 8 knots with the tide.
A day in Singapore and a day sorting out the boat and provisioning, and we set off again on a non-stop 150 mile passage to Port Dickson--the Admiral Marina. We left Tuesday 20th at dawn and arrived before lunch on 21st, filling with fuel on the way in---the tanks have never been so empty!!!
Now it's sort the boat out for a stay in Port Dickson, and I fly back to London.