A lovely morning

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Fri 13 Aug 2010 21:56
If only all Pacific sailing were like this!!
It's 0715 Saturday morning-- a beautiful dawn--a sunny day ahead--calm seas gave a good night's sleep--we have 12/14 knots of wind over the port quarter, and are sailing at over 6 knots with our ineligantly repaired genoa looking like it will last the distance--and no autopilot problems. Bliss. Who would have believed it a couple of days ago!!
I sit here typing while Ger and Nigel sleep--after the blog I'll put on some music to rouse them!! Need my breakfast!!
It looks like we'll need to slow up to rendezvous with Aspen which has major battery problems, and buddy with them for the last couple of days and nights into Mackay--they may be without lights in an area with big shipping. That will slow us down, but still hope to be in Mackay sometime on Tuesday. We have an SSB radio call at 1000 hours to decide on action.
It's a good day on Simanderal.