Ko Phayam 09:45.5N 098:24.2E

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Thu 7 Mar 2013 01:38
Now in our 4th day anchored nin Buffalo Bay on the Thai island of Ko Phayam. In the north of west coast Thailand, very close to the Myanmar border---indeed as we look out of the bay we see the islands of Myanmar---but we have no authority to go there!
Ko Phayam is a lovely laid back island--people say it's like the Thailand of 30 years ago---no cars, just motor scooters--we have hired one--it takes about half an hour from one end of the island to the other. Some basic accomodation ashore--but we are very comfortable on the boat. The sun shines, but generally the breeze keeps us reasonably cool. A lot of back-packers, a few families, good cheap restaurants on the beach--tamarind prawns a must!--and all is well. Ger doing great, though the back of the scooter with me driving scares the life out of her--particularly when we meet someone going the other way as the concrete paths are narrow--as well as potholed!
There are about 4 boats in the bay, including Atlantia with our good friends Will & Margaret on board---so having a social time as well!
Enjoying, so we'll probably stay a few more days before we head out to the Surin and Similan islands --where the diving and snorkelling is said to be great.