28:32.5N 77:00.9W

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Thu 2 Dec 2021 18:04

Somewhat unexpectedly we sailed most of the day yesterday and through the night---mainly a close reach on port tack,though towards the morning the wind was beginning to head us and driving us off course. But from 0330 until around 0800 this morning we had some horrendous weather—totally unforecast---so now somewhat lacking sleep. Winds from various directions, but mainly from where we want to go, up to 35 knots, thunderstorms, heavy rain etc. Became very rough---seas were even more confused than me! And of course dark.

Since 0800 all back under control, strong wind from NW driving us on. Still strong but moderating. Seas still nasty of course----will take some time to settle.

So still expect Bahamas tomorrow, about 100 miles to go.


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