34:22.96N 76:34.56W

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Mon 29 Nov 2021 18:28

Well we are sailing again, after a long Covid caused hiatus!

During November we were at the Bert Jabin boatyard in Annapolis sorting out repairs and maintenance after an 18 month lay-up during which Europeans could not fly direct to the US. And the maintenance included a full rerig of the standing rigging.

We finally left Annapolis mid-day on 23 November, an overnight sai down to Norfolk, Virginia, where we spent a couple of nights. Then on 26th we sailed to Beaufort NC, arriving late at night on the 27th. Moored at Beaufort Docks marina, in the heart of town---an interesting night arrival through dredged channels!

And today, 29th, we set off at 10-00hrs for the Bahamas, currently a stiff Northerly wind driving us forward, though much lighter winds to come and we expect a fair bit of motoring. We will start crossing the gulf stream in a few hours, then head south. And in the next day or two we should be able to cast off the thermal clothing!


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