Half way----and tramping!

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sat 21 Jun 2014 12:56
We’re now half way from Chagos to Mayotte, the wind is up and we’re tramping along with some pretty serious reefing in both sails. Despite the reefs, we’re still
making nearly 8 knots average—if anything I’m trying to slow her down as the seas are pretty big and lumpy. 7 knots will do fine to get us into Mayotte on Thursday.
And it will be a wet and lumpy ride until then!!
We haven’t seen a single vessel—either on AIS or visually---since we left the Chagos 200 mile limit----where we saw in the distance a couple of boats, almost certainly
fishing boats operating illegally 50 miles inside the exclusion zone.  Since then, zippo. It’s lonely---only the sea and sky.