Montserrat to Guadeloupe and the Saintes

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Tue 7 Apr 2009 22:51
We spent nearly a week on Nevis--one of our favourite islands--hiring a car for a couple of days--lunching in plantation houses--swimming on the beach at the anchorage--sundowners at Sunshine's bar--tried his "stinger bees"--until 1 April, when we set off for Montserrat. We had a fine sail in relatively light winds and sun,sun,sun. Anchored in Little bay, Montserrat at around 1330. On 2 April we had a tour of the island with Joe Phillips--or at least a tour of the part of the island which is still habitable--over half the island is out of bounds because of the still active volcano, which erupted in 1995. It is still a beautiful island, but the effect of the volcano was devastating--the capital was destroyed-- and so many of the locals we spoke to had lost their houses/businesses and were rebuilding their lived on the north of the island. The volcano still sends out clouds of steam--it last belched heavier stuff in December
We left Montserrat on 4 April and had a good, fast sail to Deshaies, Guadeloupe--arriving around 1400--too late for a French lunch, so we settled for an early dinner ashore. Our 3rd visit to Deshaies, so we feel we know it pretty well. on the 5th--Sunday--we did enjoy a long french Sunday lunch with live music--the same talented, energetic lady singer who entertained us when Ep and Pat were with us last year.
And on 6th, off to the Saintes--where we expect to stay for several days--spent today--7th --on the beach--we'll probably choose another beach tomorrow! Les Saintes are lovely--just wish the (Brown's devalued) pound bought a few more Euros!