It's Friday

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Fri 2 Apr 2010 18:53
After all the excitement of yesterday morning, the last 24 hours have been pretty uneventful. Still no fish caught. We're sailing fast in 20 knot winds on a broad reach--and not too much to do except reefing and unreefing as the wind strength varies--both sails are reefed at the moment, but we're still averaging around 8 knots which ain't bad.
Crew all doing nicely--getting fit and tanned--and we're eating well--beef bourgignon tonight--whoopee! But pity we didn't buy any fish in Galapagos to put in freezer--we thought we'd catch plenty. Obviously Neptune is displeased with us--we'd better appease him by tossing him a present--perhaps a virgin if we can find one.
All well on board Simanderal.