Off again

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Wed 24 Mar 2010 18:33
Today we left the Galapagos Islands on a 20 odd day sail to the Marquesas--over 3000 miles away--and nothing in between except--------------sea.
We much enjoyed our couple of weeks in the Galapagos, particularly the five days we spent cruising the islands and watching the amazing wildlife on land, air and sea--sea and land iguanas, turtles,white-tipped sharks,blue-footed boobys, giant tortoises and many other reptiles, fish and birds--even an orca whale!
We set off from the anchorage at 0830--it's now 1230 and we've been sailing under main and cruising chute for the last couple of hours--light winds around 6 or 7 knots and fickle at that so our speed varies from 4 to 7 knots. But we persevere--it's only the start of a long voyage and we expect light winds for the first few days while we head south towards the trade winds. It's peaceful and sunny.
And for the first time this year, we have an extra crew on board--Alan Kingsley who, with Sheena, joined us on the Galapagos cruise. Alan will be with us to the Marquesas, so Ger and I have the luxury of more sleep during the long night watches!
All is well.