Onward from Niue

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Wed 23 Jun 2010 21:48
We arrived at Nuie early Saturday morning--and had a great time there. It's an interesting island--exceptionally clear water, fascinating rock formations, limestone caved complete with mites and tites, rock arches, chasms etc. It's also in the middle of nowhere, so get few tourists, but popular with sailors because the people look after you. For example on Saturday morning we went to the tourist office--no tourists of course--and asked about hiring a car. |TAhe guy said go and have lunch, he'd organise and the car would be delivered to our lunch place--all of which happened and the car--a very nice one--cost less than £20 a day!! So we toured the island for a couple of days--well worth doing. We also joined the Niue Yacht Club--they have no yachts there, but is has 10,000 members spread across the globe--the commodore readily admitted he'd never been on a boat!! But he drove us round and told us all about the island. He was also very busy with a missing yacht--overdue--it turned up--and a mayday--dismasted vessel hundreds of miles from anywhere--the NZ rescue search plane used Niue for refuelling--the boat was found and the crew taken off--it's drifting somewhere in the Pacific! So lots of craic.
But all good things........yesterday evening we set off for Tonga, our next big stop. Only 250 miles--40 hours--and we're now almost half way--expect to arrive tomorrow morning. We're also crossing the date line on the way--we lose a day!! Thank goodness it's not my birthday!! We're moving fast in good winds--but quite a swell, so we're rolling like stink at times--it should calm down over next 24 hours.
All is well on Simanderal.
But as ever