Chesapeake Bay

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Sun 3 May 2020 16:51
We arrived in the Chesapeake Bay on the afternoon of 29th, easy enough navigation, and little shipping to avoid. We headed straight for a marina in Port Charles, a little beyond the bay bridge. Nice facility and indeed a pleasant little town, though most shops closed and very few people about because of Covid19. We did however find a bar doing take away meals and have a drink while you wait!
We spent 3 nights there, cleaning the boat—-boy was it salty!—-fixing a few things and catching up on sleep.

Then yesterday, 2 May, we went about 40 miles north, much of it under engine as the wind died on us, to a lovely anchorage in Reedville. Lovely sunny day though still a chill in the air, and a smooth anchorage surrounded by countryside and some smart white painted old traditional wooden houses.
And now heading up to Solomon’s Island for tonight. Again, some ok slow sailing in the morning, but wind has died and we’re under engine.