On the high seas

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Wed 31 Dec 2008 12:32
Having listened to the changing weather patterns daily--and having already spent almost 2 weeks of idleness in a very enjoyable Bequia over Christmas--we decided the weather window for our long sail to the Dominican Republic was too good to miss.
So yesterday--the 30th--we cleared out of the Grenadines and set of on what will be a four day trip.
We set off around 1330--it's now 0800 on 31st, and we've covered just over 130 miles--a lovely broad reach with winds mainly 15-20 knots--occasionally down to 10 or up to 25--so lots of reefing in and back out!
The seas unfortunately are a bit lumpy still from the strong winds of the last couple of weeks, but should continue to moderate as we progress.
We look forward to getting to the DR sometime on Monday--heading for Marina ZarPar in Boca Chica--spoke to their harbourmaster by phone yesterday--excellent English and seems very welcoming. Told me not to worry that the welcoming committee would comprise the Commandancia Militare (Coastguard), Customs,Immigration,Drugs Police, Agriculture Dept.,and a few others I can't remember!!
It's a bit rum, spending New Year at sea--we had been looking forward to the fireworks in Bequia--but the forecasts suggested waiting was not a good option.
So a very happy new year to you all.
Michael & Ger