A quieter day

Michael Hughes and Ger White
Tue 6 Apr 2010 19:45
As forecast, the wind has dropped a bit, and the seas are calmer--and we're going more slowly!
It's a lovely sunny day after a quiet night--moon waning rapidly, so nights much darker--but lots of stars.
I guess there's a sense that we're nearing the end of the passage--under 700 miles to go--so a bit more wind and speed would be no bad thing--but, heck, if it takes a day longer let's just enjoy it.
We gave up our goose-wing rig this morning--taking us too far north--and are now on a very broad reach--taking us too far south!-- and debating whether it's time yet to put up the chute--perhaps after lunch!!
And still no fish--perhaps we should eat the flying fish that land on our deck each night--but they're far too small and bony.